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When was the last time you spared a thought for your home security? It may be a wise idea to plan ahead and invest in advanced security devices and locks before you experience any major security threat to your much-loved asset. As the top-most residential locksmith service provider in Mountain View, CA area, Mountain View Locksmith  can help you secure your property. We have been securing residences for more than ten years and are best equipped to offer you outstanding service. Our excellent reputation brings our clients back to us again and again.

Our Key Services:

Home lock repairs & replacements  - Locks can sometimes just give away unexpectedly. No need to worry. We can repair your locks in the shortest time and get them in working condition again. If they are beyond repair, we can replace them too. We stock a wide array of high quality locks, which we source from reputed manufacturers. After evaluating your property, our techmasters can recommend the best locks for your home.

Rekey your property  - Rekeying  is the process of changing the inner configurations of a lock so they will operate with a different key. After rekeying, the old keys will no longer work. Rekeying is an affordable way to enhance the safety of your home without investing in new locks and security devices.

Emergency lockout service  - Locked out of your house? No matter what time of the day or night you find yourself in such a situation, just call us. We will get to your location at once. We work 24/7, so if it is at 3 am that you find yourself locked out, fret not! Just call us and we will be right by your side.

Duplicate keys  – Our lockmasters are experts at key cutting. Whether you have an old padlock or the most advanced lock system on your door, our technicians can make you a new key right on the spot.

Security consultation  - Your home is your most prized possession; it is your sanctuary and your loved ones live there. If you are concerned about the security of your home, Mountain View Locksmith can put your mind at ease. Our experts will evaluate your property and offer you the latest security solutions.

Our other services:

  • Mountain View Locksmith Mountain View, CA 650-425-6063Master key systems
  • Deadbolt installation
  • New lock installation
  • Mailbox, garage door locks
  • Installation of door hardware
  • Peephole installation
  • Spare key creation
  • Home security advice
  • Digital locks for enhanced functionality
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Rekeying services
  • Consultation on locks

Excellent infrastructure

What enables our technicians to offer quality locksmith services is our excellent infrastructure. Our technicians travel in and around Mountain View with mobile workshops that are stocked with cutting edge tools and security products to offer the best services.

With the right protection for your home, you no longer have to spend sleepless night wondering whether someone is going to break into your property. We are here to ensure the absolute best protection of your family and valuables.

Don’t waste your time attempting to fix your residential lock & key requirements on your own when we are just a phone call away. With our wide array of services on offer, you can rest assured of getting the help you need with any of your lock and locksmith issues. Call us at 650-425-6063  to book our services. 

Get Keys Made in Mountain View, CA

Despite being diminutive in size, a key is a very important and powerful device to possess. Why else would anyone lose their nerves after misplacing it and frantically look for it all over the place? We all know that these components grant access to our homes, garage, file cabinets, safes, mailbox, and other storage areas. If we lose access due to a lost or broken key, the very first thing we must do is get keys made  immediately. click here to read more

Key Maker Near Me in Mountain View, CA

Remember the old days when a single craftsman (cobbler, blacksmith, etc.) would serve the needs of an entire neighborhood. Well, the days of monopoly are long gone and every market in the community is teeming with fierce competition. Even for customers, the decision to choose the right man for a job has become much harder than it used to be a few decades ago. Let’s say you can’t find the keys to your garage door and need new ones. Understandably, you will go ahead and search something like ‘Key maker near me’. But, the sheer number of results the internet will throws up would simply confuse you more. So, how exactly do you find what you need? Well, fortunately, Mountain View Locksmith has made things a lot easier.

Apartment Lock Change in Mountain View, CA

The security of our house is very dear to us and we would go to any length to safeguard our loved ones. But what if we tell you that your house security can be easily compromised? Doesn’t feel that safe anymore, does it? It could be true if you didn’t get an apartment locks change  in a long time. Changing the apartment locking systems in due time is important as a dated lock can barely withstand an act of vandalism. Here are two reasons why you need to upgrade to a new one: click here to read more

Key Cutting For Residential in Mountain View, CA

Spare keys come in really handy when we are unable to locate the original. If you are looking to get a new spare made for your house, you must choose a reliable locksmith firm that can offer quality services. Mountain View Locksmith has been the no. 1 choice of the people of Mountain View, CA for over a decade and is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Our expert locksmiths can generate highly precise and calibrated keys for residential clients at affordable prices. click here to read more

Rekey Locks Residential in Mountain View, CA

One of the most common locksmith services involves rekeying locks and recalibrating them for a new set of keys. It’s a quick and affordable alternative to a tedious lock change procedure and makes lives much easier for those who have lost their keys. A lot of people often get confused between rekey and changing them altogether. Let’s explain the difference between the two and why you might require a rekey locks  residential  service: click here to read more